can you get a loan if you are blacklisted?

Are you blacklisted? Are you not able to get a loan big enough to cover your expenses? Do you not have any assets to lend against? Well, you are still able to get a loan to carry you to the next month.

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The banks will most likely not give you a loan, not even to consolidate your debt, but there are so many other accredited loan lenders that are able to offer you loans of sometimes up to R 50 000. The trick is that you must show that you can now afford this loan, even if you did mess up your credit record. What they look for is your current affordability and not your history. These loans do carry a higher interest rate than usual, as you are still a higher credit risk.

Here’s how:

You must be permanently employed. So check with your employer that they have registered you as permanent employee.
You must NOT be under debt review or administration.
You must be a South African Citizen, with a green bar coded ID/card ID
Your latest three months bank statements where you receive your salary
Your latest pay slip

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Amnesty for blacklisted people

A new law South African law requiring lenders to erase defaulters’ credit history took effect Tuesday despite protests from banks and opposition parties that branded the move as populist vote-buying.

Credit bureaux now have two months to wipe “adverse consumer credit information” from their records, according to the law, which comes ahead of elections on May 7.

“The amnesty doesn’t remove the debt, it just removes the information related to an account,” said National Debt Mediation Association CEO Magauta Mphahlele.

Information to be scrapped includes descriptions of defaulters, unreachable debtors and sheriffs’ orders.

“You don’t have to have paid off that debt to have the negative description removed,” Mphahlele told AFP.

“But if the credit provider has obtained a court judgment against you, that judgment will only be removed if it has been paid.”

Almost 10 million South Africans — 48 percent of people with credit records — are in arrears on payments or have seizure orders to their names.

Blacklisted consumers battle to secure loans, rent housing or subscribe to certain services.

Some also struggle to find work since their employers use the credit system to check up on job applicants.

Access to credit in South Africa has widely expanded since the advent of democracy in 1994.

But many poorer citizens are trapped in debt, often taking unsecured loans at up to triple the normal interest rates.

Low-income consumers often fall prey to loan sharks to fund ostentatious lifestyles, buying clothes and electronic equipment on credit.

Banks opposed the new law, saying it left them little means for tracking a loan applicant’s payment behaviour.

Opponents have also slammed the law as an election ploy ahead of May 7 polls, in which the ruling African National Congress looks set to win a reduced majority.

Many misunderstand the law to mean their credit itself has been scrapped, said Mphahlele, who raised concerns that it would not make consumers more responsible spenders.

“We don’t see how it will impact on the repayment behaviour of consumers,” she said.


debt-free with debt consolidation

Get debt-free with a debt consolidation loan. Are you disciplined enough to take on a debt consolidation loan? Debt consolidation can help people who are in debt to take back their financial lives!

Getting a debt consolidation loan is easier than it looks, with just a few things to consider first:

  • Are you a home owner?
  • Do you own any other assets?
  • Are you fully and permanently employed?
  • Do you receive your monthly salary in a bank account?

Then you stand a chance of securing a debt consolidation and start living a debt free life.

One of the first things you will need to do when you get yourself a debt consolidation loan is to change your spending habits by drawing up budgets and sticking to them. It sound easy but this is the first thing that can trip people who have just qualified for debt consolidation loans.

Debt Restructuring for blacklisted

debt restructuring

With South Africa’s economy in 2018 doing so badly there’s a lot of pressure on South African families to change their spending habits by reducing their spending, especially those who have a lot of debt. As most people know there’s good debt and bad debt. And like most families these debts will be in education and homes. And like most families as well there might be bad debts like massive clothing accounts credit and mounting credit card debt.

Debt restructuring, as it sounds, involves getting your creditors to reduce your monthly payments by getting into a new agreement as to your repayment period (how long you will be making payments), and most importantly how much you will be paying over this new repayment period. This is a good idea, but you must also know that you will be paying more in total amount of interest as you are now spreading your debt over a longer period. It is also a way to avoid taking out a debt consolidation loan because of legal reasons.

Can you do it on your own?

Sure, you can talk to them and see if you can get another payment plan. But it is advisable to get in touch with a debt specialist or financial adviser as they would know what to look for in the new payment plan and if it is beneficial for you.

What process can I look forward to in a debt restructuring?

There’s a typical debt repayment process that might take place:

  1. Debt Analysis. There will be an initial analysis of your credit scores, your creditors and other factors that determine what the next step for your repayments may be. This will be done by a professional who deals with debt.
  2. Reports and Recommendations. After your analysis, there needs to be a report or recommendations on how you may restructure.
  3. Negotiations. A negotiation by a debt professional with your creditors in order to reduce your monthly debt payments.
  4. Payments. You are now done with your negotiations and you have to be at a place where you stick to your new agreements with your creditors.



Consolidate your credit card debt

consolidate credit card debt

Getting a credit card with one of the big 5 banks in South Africa is both easy and seamless. Paying off that credit card debt can be a bit more of a hassle to than actually acquiring it! We all are feeling the pinch with our economy being so suppressed and out Rand weak, and we need a credit card to help out with those unexpected events where we need money.

Actually paying off all your credit card debt, keeping the credit in tact and maintaining the credit card is difficult as South Africans are both getting used to easy credit to begin with, credit card being a deb trap (revolving credit) and increasing their credit card limit when in a pinch. Free your life by consolidating your credit card debt!

With credit card limits able to go over R 100 000, at times being able to actually make the monthly payments on that can be overwhelming and you may need to consolidate your credit card debt on order to pay it off without dipping back into the card again and re-using the monthly revolving credit.

Debt consolidation is able to help with credit card debt, whereby your credit card debt is paid off completely and you only pay the debt consolidation loan that you take out. “But why would I get another loan when I’m already in debt with my overdrawn credit card?”, you may ask? Well, by taking out a debt consolidation loan, you will most likely get a repayment plan that will be lower than the more than 20% that credit cards often have. And, after paying the credit card debt and taking out a loan you will actually manage to close the credit card completely without losing the benefits of a clean credit record.

You’re also able to add your other debts, e.g., clothing accounts, into your debt consolidation loan and close that one, too!

Apply for a debt consolidation loan and clear that debt that holds you back from so much more in life!

consolidate credit card debt
consolidate credit card debt

Pay your credit card debt

Are you losing the battle to pay off your credit card? Do you keep paying without making a dent in your credit card debt? It’s time to close your credit card for good by taking out a debt consolidation loan and paying off your entire credit card and paying lower interest rates!

A debt consolidation loan is a loan that you take out to pay off debt that has high interest rates like credit cards. Check how much you’re paying off your credit card and request a lower interest rate from us by applying for a debt consolidation loan.

Credit card payments may take you over two years to pay off the debt you incur, and that includes all the fees and interest they charge you. You may feel like there’s no more you can do about your debt, but a debt consolidation debt may be your answer.

There is a qualification process to go through, but that doesn’t take long at all. Apply today and save on a lot of money you may have had to pay later!

Apply for blacklisted cash loans online up to R15,000

Cash loans are hard to find if you are blacklisted in South Africa. And many will charge you high interest just for the privilege of applying for a loan. We show you a few that are easy to apply for. Hint: apply with as many as possible and compare their payback options and interest rates You Apply online at

Call their call centre on 0860 022 150. Their operating hours are: Mon – Fri 8:00am – 5:00pm and Sat 9:00am – 2:00pm. They are not a FSP but they will pass you’re request through they’re call centre.

Loan Seekers. Apply at  Office: 087 940 3073

As always, please read terms and conditions carefully before putting you details through… KNOW WHAT YOU ARE APPLYING FOR!

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Blacklisted loans in Pretoria

Are you permanently employed? Do you have your salary deposited into a bank account? Have you been permanently employed for more than three months? You can apply from anywhere as loan applications for loan for blacklisted people in Pretoria are also available from anywhere in South Africa. You apply online and are given the opportunity to supply your information securely over the internet.

The only people who should apply for a blacklisted loan is exactly that: people who are blacklisted or have bad credit and are unable to apply with other credit providers. Applying for a blacklisted loan in Pretoria is easy if you apply online as the same credit is available for you and you will not have to travel to loan papers. To see how much you qualify for you will need to apply with as many credit providers and only accept one as that loan will still need to be paid back.

You will not be approved if you are under administration or are in debt review. If you are struggling with paying your debts apply for debt help rather than a blacklisted loan.