Absa express loan may be the short-term finance for you

The Absa Express Loan is a short-term loan from Absa that many of its clients are glad is available for them. Nothing really is available to rival this from other major banks. The Absa Express loan is short-term, so it means you will pay it over less than a year, and Absa has put together options of 1, 3 or 6 months to pay it off. You mat apply for a loan starting from R 1 500 to R 8 000.

There are a few conditions if you would like to qualify for this Absa loan: You must be a South African citizen, have your salary deposited into a bank account (this is because Absa will actually debit your account), you must earn more than R 1 500 per month, proof of residence (water bill, Etc).

As with all loans, check that you can afford this loan and will be able to pay it off in the stipulated time period. You must apply for more than one loan and then compare the amount you will be paying off per month. Choose one that you can pay off quicker (and as affordable) as possible. You want to pay less on your interest rate and as less an amount as possible. At times you will have to prove that you can afford a loan, and by doing so you will be safe from unscrupulous lenders who don’t care about you but are reckless in their lending.

10 thoughts on “Absa express loan may be the short-term finance for you

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  2. Lizel Reply

    Hi there I am an absa client but I am blacklisted I need to apply for a loan of R4000 plz

    • Estelle Reply

      Hi I’m a Absa client and is blacklisted but I need a loan of R6000. Can u please help

  3. Nonki Betty Twala Reply

    I want to be assisted by a loan of 100 000 i want to pay my debts and to start a business

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