Apply for blacklisted cash loans online up to R15,000

Cash loans are hard to find if you are blacklisted in South Africa. And many will charge you high interest just for the privilege of applying for a loan. We show you a few that are easy to apply for. Hint: apply with as many as possible and compare their payback options and interest rates You Apply online at

Call their call centre on 0860 022 150. Their operating hours are: Mon – Fri 8:00am – 5:00pm and Sat 9:00am – 2:00pm. They are not a FSP but they will pass you’re request through they’re call centre.

Loan Seekers. Apply at  Office: 087 940 3073

As always, please read terms and conditions carefully before putting you details through… KNOW WHAT YOU ARE APPLYING FOR!

Apply here for loans for Blacklisted People

13 thoughts on “Apply for blacklisted cash loans online up to R15,000

  1. Rene Berger Reply

    If my details are in your system already then how come I’ve never heard back from you? I am in desperate need of a loan. There is no food in my house and I need to pay bills!

  2. Simeon Reply

    Hi there i have bad credit and want to settle all the loans nd pay on a long term loan! Need a settlement loan pls help me

  3. Eldean Theron Reply

    Hi, I really need a loan please to settle my accounts

  4. Ntombifuthi Reply

    I really need loan my two room house is linking when is raining I can’t sleep . Am desperate I don’t have money to change my asbestaz

  5. Clifford Reply


  6. Abegail Kalashe Reply

    I have applied for a loan will you please help me because I’m desperate and I will be the happiest person ever if my application can be approved I’m the only bread winner at home I need to pay up my debts and be able to do touch ups in my home.

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