Apply online for African Bank debt consolidation loan

Out of all the major Banks in South Africa, African bank does not really sell their debt consolidation loan as well as the others. Maybe they will give us specific debt consolidation loan packages in the future.

What African Bank stresses though is that you should check the pros and cons of taking a debt consolidation with them first, and then you can go ahead and apply for a loan.

For now, if you would like  a debt consolidation loan from African Bank head over to their website and make an application.

Extra information: Loans 0861 111 011 | Credit Cards 0861 000 555 | Applications 0860 333 004

47 thoughts on “Apply online for African Bank debt consolidation loan

  1. prudensia moodley Reply

    Hi I’m currently under debt review looking for a long term loan to pay off debts plz let me know

  2. Les Daniels Reply

    When it comes to personal cash loans, African Bank has always been the best catering for all individuals. With your in seconds online loans are quick easy to get in less than a minute. I personally had a good service and experienced the convenience of a fast instant online loan with African Bank.

  3. kribashnie singh Reply

    Hi there.

    please advise. I am currently on debt review. can I get a loan to pay off all mine and spouses accounts, and then will only make 1 payment to African Bank. I have checked, please can you confirm if I will be allowed to consolidate even on debt review.

  4. Juanita Melony Loverlot Reply

    I need a debt consolidation loan, that would settle all my debt, in order just have one monthly installment on the loan applied for the cover my debt and also perhaps have a few rands available for personal use.

  5. alice Reply

    I have many loans with AAfrican bank my credit record isn’t good. I am struggling to pay my loans. Can you help me to consolidate my loans. My id number is 55040504 03084. For further investigation please contact me in the following numbers 0733070814

  6. xolani Reply

    Hi.. I need debt consolidation immedatLey, I applied b4 bt I ddn’t get rpLeys

  7. nolusindiso faith ndabazandile Reply

    I need a consolidation loan urgently plz contact me on my cell 0783765909 thank you

  8. rachel Reply

    hi im rachel…how can i apply for the consolidation loan cause im also listed?

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  11. Dorothy Reply

    I am owing African Bank lot o money and is increasing every month because of interest in arrears , what advice can I get?

  12. t.lebesana Reply

    Hi I need consolidation loan I can afford bt the banks decline s me

  13. Norah Reply

    Hi i need to cosolidate my debts im in arrears with two accounts and ive got a credit card with African bank which i pay every month without missing the monthly repayment,is it possible that i can qualify? Please assist. The other lenders have decline due to my credit score.

  14. Netty Tebogo Mokhonoana Reply


    i have a loan with african bank and i have only being paying arrears of which i lost my job in 2011 thats why i was in arrears with african bank, i have been loyal to them ever since i got a permanent job and was paying every month, and now those arreas reflectas a bad record on my name , i cannot get any loan because of that , can you pls help me so that i can settke the remaining balance.

  15. Thobi Reply

    I need consolidation loan but
    already black listed.i need help to pay all my card.

  16. nhlanhla lucky Reply

    good day can African bank do consolidation loan for me i have a loan with African bank and fnb but 2 years ago I join debt review so I want African bank to take over it is impossible ?

  17. Nina. Reply

    Pleas. M in bad situation. No way out fr me i tryd evrywhr. Need R15000 bt hav a R4000 loan at Royal Finance. Nid d mney bfore 18 Dec. Cntact me via email pls

  18. karlien pienaar Reply

    I want to find out in under debit review is it possible to cancel process and get an consolidated loan from you to pay all debit and pay monthly you my I’d 7003070002081 please if you can help

  19. Annah Reply

    I need consolidation loan for my debt in other to pay only one instalment

  20. Nomfundo Myeni Reply

    Hi I in arreas on some accounts and need a consolidation of about 20 000

  21. nicholas Reply

    hi im in areas withsome of my accounts please help me with a loan my cell number is 0783601305

  22. Tlhalefang Reply

    My name is Hermina, I am currently under debt review and want a consolidation loan to help clear all my accounts as I have been wishing to clear my records, i am working as a teacher,I will definitely repay it.I am renting a house and paying 5000,I want my own house please assist

  23. mogoera jacob Reply

    i would like to get consolidation loan from african bank the problem is i am under administration

  24. Lee-Roy Reply

    hey i am currently under debt review and i am in need of a long term loan can you help me

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