Clear your debt with a Debt consolidation loan

You can clear your debt and avoid being blacklisted by getting a debt consolidation loan from home loan providers. A debt consolidation loan is an extra loan that you take out on your home so as to pay off extra debt and avoid getting a bad credit record. This is possible because your home grows in value every year and by re-financing you are able to release some of that value and get a loan on it. You are now able to get that loan to pay off your other long term debts.

The loan that you get should be used for long term or high interest debt as this will better serve you in clearing debts and avoiding a bad credit record.

12 thoughts on “Clear your debt with a Debt consolidation loan

  1. nomthandazo Reply

    I bank with Capitec every time I apply for consolidation loan I don’t qualify I really need a break to pay 1 account pls can u help me with this one

  2. Sphamandla Mhlanga Reply

    I am Capitec Client i need a loan for Consolidate all my Credit. What can i do to get help

    • admin Post authorReply

      Please apply with Capitec and they will see if you qualify for a debt consolidation loan. We are also able to help with a debt consolidation loan, please do go to our application pages.

  3. mkhabela thandi Reply

    I need a consolidation loan to pay back my debts and be left with one affordable installment

  4. Duduzile Mathomzo Reply


    I bank with capitec and I even have 2 loans with them. I want to consolidate my debts to one loan including the 2 loans that I have with capitec into one payment. What can I do to qualify. Pls help capitec cause I was declined.

  5. Elizabeth Mangoale Reply

    I am a capitec client but loan for consolidation was declined please help me

  6. Nonku Reply

    Good day,
    I need help with the consolidation Loan, but i am blacklisted.

  7. jane motsepe Reply

    I am banking with capitec and am blacklisted.i owe a company only R50000,00,for it to remove my name from the credit bureau,so that I go to my financial freedom.that is only what is standing in my way of getting any loan.pls loan me only that small amount of money pls.thanks

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