Debt Consolidation Loans

If you’re considering a debt consolidation loan then please do read on as this particular of loan is not for everyone. People do get rejected for this loan sometimes because they are much, much further in debt than what a debt consolidation loan will be able to repair. Those are the people who should consider getting help with their debt with debt counsellors, but let’s have a look at how this can be a rescue plan.

So, what is a debt consolidation loan?

Well, it’s a NEW LOAN! You are taking a out a new loan whilst hoping to get these benefits:
lower interest rates
same loan amount to pay off every month
to pay off higher interest loans off
pay off a big item so as to not pay compound interest on it
avoid being blacklisted or get a bad credit history
pay one lender like your personal loans at one go

So, how does it work?

Well, you actually get a loan from a website like ours. You can get a loan for over R 100 000 and pay off your loans or go on a holiday, doesn’t matter what it is that you use this low interest loan for. If you are approved you get to pay off your loans with the loan that gets paid into your account, and then you are able to breathe a bit easier by making sure you pay off one loan over a much easier loan term. Please calculate how much you owe your creditors first and apply for a debt consolidation loan today, and find out what the loan terms are.

This loan has been sidelined because people think it’s a waste of time because it moves debt around, but if you actually work this smartly and take care to change your spending and borrowing habits, you can actually control your debt with a debt consolidation loan.

142 thoughts on “Debt Consolidation Loans

  1. Eric Reply

    I need a further loan on my home loan to pay off my levies which is in arrears due to both my wife and I losing our jobs a few years ago. We can afford to make payment on our levies and home loan now but the levies in arrears are holding us back and we need help.

  2. moses Temoso mahlako Reply

    I am once applied this but thats didn’t work.
    Please i have lot of depts of which with this
    i wanna pay them all.1st one is for Capitek,2
    nd Rcs and Capfin and even accounts for
    Identity and Mr price.I don’t know who can
    help me with this.I know u can be more important to me.Please even if on top of that loan i can get nothing
    but got my account paid and my loans.


  3. constance sumpi Reply

    I would like to apply for debt consolidation,I in debt of about R50 000 and I really need your help,I’m a sinle mother of two boys,I’m a medical technologists ,I have made huge mistakes that have landed me in this financial crisis ,I would really appreciate your contact details -0833834526 .

  4. sashindra Naidoo Reply

    Sounds like a Great plan for consolidation.I messed up with my debt and Despearately need help.I’m pemanently employed and Ready for help

  5. siyabonga Reply

    Please inform me if do not qualify or what must I do to get help because I need to have a car because of job it requires the your own transport

  6. dumisani mchunu Reply

    i need help now i can’t live the normal life im working at the end of the month i dont have the money to support my family. I got debt that take all my salary i need to debtor consolidation loan.



  8. michael Reply

    i need to consoludate all of my dept if u can assist pls call me o this number0797173743 and im using capitec bank

  9. simnikiwe Reply

    I would like to apply for a debt consolidation loan, I would realy love if u can also contant me via my mobile number wich is 0761137168

  10. Vuyani Soroshe Reply

    I’m a full time employee whose looking to consolidate his loan,I’m earning R14300 per month

  11. nomusa hlongwa Reply

    I am atill young but being a bread winner leads to have too much debts I really need ur help I cn’t even buy my self anything because of the deductions.

  12. Bongekile Dladla Reply

    I would also like to apply for a dept consolidation loan please contact me on this number;0826922104

  13. John Swanton Scholtz Reply


    I would ike to get a debt consolidation loan. If i can get one i would appreciate it if you can help me

  14. Denise van Staden Reply


    Is it possible to apply for a debt consolidation loan with an existing bond on the house and if one owner has bad credit?

  15. Ellen Reply

    I would like to apply for a debt consolidation loan, I would realy love if u can also contant me via my mobile number wich is 0845862572

  16. Arista Swarts Reply

    Halo I would like to apply for a debt consolidation loan would you please contact me via email or cell phone 0794735303 thank you

  17. Regent Reply

    Gudday i will want to apply for a consolidation loan so dat i wl b left with one account. My contact 0823945629 thanx

  18. Thembeka Reply

    I would like to apply for debt consolidation loan and I would lile if someone can contact me on my cell phone number is 00787824925

  19. sibusiso gumbi Reply

    I want a debt consiladation as soon as possible pls help me and am getting my salary via fnb bank pls conatct me

  20. sibusiso gumbi Reply

    I want an debt consolidation loans asap please your reply will be mch appreciated

  21. Yolanda Reply

    Good day im desparate need a consolidation loan to pay all of my debt i put my self in deep of debt review thing but cancel before 7 days after I sign I thought they pay all of your account but they did not take out my there because i did not pay cancelation fee please if can help. Thank u

  22. Zanele Walaza Reply

    I would like to consolidate my debts as I can not afford, anymore.


    Urgently looking for Debt Consolidation Loan. My contact number 0827925762

  24. mapaseke mofokeng Reply

    I really need the debt consolidation loan,I can’t afford anymore

  25. ntombikayise Reply

    I need a consolidation loan.i m blacklisted and m permanertly employed

  26. Posh Reply

    I have made so many mistakes in my life and now i’m paying the price. I was able to pay my monthly instalments without any problem but now it’s a disarster. Even scared to answer my phone.
    All I need is another chance to sort out my finances. I really have learnt my lesson. 🙁

  27. sonja Reply

    Hi my name is Sonja.My personal loans is more than my income and I get R12 000 a month.Please I need help because I can’t keep up it is stress full.

  28. Themba Lucky Reply

    Hi im almost going on administration and only 29years of age and really need your help because some of my debts trully speaking i cant pay them because of the comitment at home sometimes i earn R9538.56 sometimes R7999.50 after deductions it only depends on the overtime i have for that month , and i’m even prepared for Absa to deduct the money straight from my pay at work before it even go to the bank if possible a sum of R100 000 or either what ever the bank will decide please contact me on 0760470156 Mr Mkhatshwa

  29. Nare Matthews Reply

    Hi I’m Matthews,my u pls help me i have 4 debt that i must pay,will u help me pls,my number is 0749096245

  30. emeesha Reply

    hi i want help with a consolidation loan. i tried debt review but it is not working for me because my husband also had to go under it but we cancelled bcause instalment was to high.

  31. Busisiwe Kunene Reply

    My name is Busisiwe, I have a debts, all my debts can cost around 40 000- 50 000. I’m permanently employed now but I can’t pay my debts because I’m still owing a few people so I’m paying them. Please help me get a consolidate loan to pay ALL my debts because I want to pay them all.

  32. rehnc Reply

    Hi I need help pay off my acc plz its standing in my way to get a car loan I really need the transport for work plz

  33. diane prins Reply

    i am diane prins i need a loan to payoff all my debts,i need around r100.000.i am permanent employed,i got a house that is paidup pleasemi just wnat to get rid off all this small debts nd pay only one installment please.

    my no 079 7222975.
    GOD bless

  34. steven mashele Reply

    am banking with Ned bank and I believe that as my bank you will help me with the loan to consolidate all my debt so that I can sleep number is 0731156909
    thank you in advanced

    • admin Post authorReply

      HI. Please apply here with us at the form posted above. We will see if you qualify.

  35. louise Reply

    I would like to apply for a debt consolidation loan please kindly assist as I am drowning in debt

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Loiuse, please apply using our form above and we will see if you qualify.

  36. makwena Reply

    please help with consolidation working Dept of Health in Gauteng.i need r50000 to pay all my debt.all the bank rejected me because of affordability

  37. Isaac Cocks Reply

    My name is Isaac and i really need your help i have debts and need a loan to settle them please help me my numbers are 0604958888

  38. goddess Reply

    I am looking for 350.000 rand to consolidate all my depth .I am permanent imploded so I just need to focus on one payment.please help me if u can.

  39. cynthia theresa Mthombeni Reply

    Hi, please I’m blacklisted and need a loan to pay all my debts and to start something new with my business, now im working as a contract and I don’t don’t get paid every month.And I’m looking for R480 000 please help

  40. Ramona Reply

    I have many loans,credit cards and accounts and had a bad year so much of my loans are in accounts are up to date but loans (4) all in arrears.i do not want counselling but for my loans to be consolidated as i my job requires me to buy a car soon and i cant now with my credit record…please help

  41. kedibone rachel chauke Reply

    I would like you guys to help me clear all my debts

  42. Vusumuzi Wiseman Sibiya Reply

    Can you please help me..I’m Ander administration by mistake,,,but now it’s been 5years since I’m paying I’m only left with R29.800 if I can pay then I’ll be left with just one please help..P.S

  43. cp Reply

    I need help to consolidate my debts, and do not have time to visit the branch to make an application.

  44. mercia van wyk Reply

    I would like you guys to assist and help me consolidate my loans I would to borrow for 120000 thank you.

  45. Belinda Reply

    I urgent need a debt consolidation loan to settle some of my loans that in arreas please don’t want to use debts review

  46. kelebogile Reply

    can you please assist me with consolidation loan i am one of your client i want to settle all my accounts and have one installment and finish my house.please contact me 0848278454

  47. m.s buthelezi Reply

    0738880843 I have a couple of loans that I’m having trouble paying off .can I be assisted?

  48. gugu Reply

    I have to accounts in errears that I need to pay so that I can be relieved in debts one of the accounts offered to give me a 50% discount if I settle my account hence I’m in need of this cash please help me I really need to start with a clean slate

  49. David Johan Jacobs Reply

    I wud like make a debt consolidation loan to settle all my debt,I’m the only breadwinner in my family and currently can’t cope…found you online and need your help please check my credit record and let me know if I do or don’t qualify?

  50. Vinothan Munsamy Reply

    I want to get a further bond on my property so that I can pay off all my debts and cancel my debt counselling

  51. Ashford Gaxa Reply

    Hey I need a consolidation loan enegly my debit and accounts is more then my outcome I can’t sleep at night because I’m stressing how I’m going to get someone to help me contract number 0849549217 I bank at fnb

  52. Johannes Reply

    I need a loan off R40000 to pay off my debts please help me

  53. lerato tsie Reply

    I am over debt….i need a loan to settle my other loans or consolidate my loans

  54. Amanda Beverley Govender Reply

    I require a loan for R80 000 to consolidate my debts. Please assist.

  55. lindiwe Reply

    Hi i would like to apply for consolidation loan i am blacklisted. Is it possible to get 1? Tnx

  56. Colin Naidoo Reply

    Hi I am in arrears which i need to sort out – I have an income now from a house i Rent and my daughter who has finished school a year ago is working – please advise

  57. Mpho Nkence Reply

    I urgently require consolidation of my debts have a bond with Std bank want to us the option of 2nd bond application to clear my debts,please help I m certain this can be the option for me to be as to live in no stress.

  58. Erin olieslager Reply

    Please can you help me understand this consolidation loan. Do you settle my debt or do i settle it and owe you and also does this mean that i wont be able to buy a house in the next 5 years. Thats actually the reason that i need to be debt free

  59. Khosi Reply

    Hi my bond house is in arrears since i was not working so I need to pay those arrears as soon as possible but now I’m working. Thank you.

  60. Nolonwabo Reply

    I need 50 000 to consolidate my dept and be left out to pay the consolidation loan

  61. Pamela Maga Reply

    Hi I need a consolidation loan to pay up my Capitec loan as I’m currently studying part time and I have to pay school fees every month. I’m employed permanent and I’m behind with my Foschini account. Please help.

  62. Pamela Reply

    Hi I need a consolidation loan to pay up my Capitec loan as I’m currently studying part time and I have to pay school fees every month. I’m employed permanent and I’m behind with my Foschini account. Please help.

  63. Bruno Reply

    I’m currently paying my debt review service provider R 12 000.00 per month. If you can assist me with a consolidation loan of R 250 000.00 surely I can repay you easily and have only one account to pay. Please consider my need.

  64. ntombizothando Reply

    I need help pls I need to pay my debt I’m only 4 months late

  65. Andile Reply

    Hello there! ..I’m in need a loan to pay my debts, so if it is possible I need help. Thank you

  66. themba Reply

    hello there! im in need of loan to pay my debts im blacklisted is it possible im currently employed permanently

  67. Samuel Reply

    Sam I need loan to consolidate my debt since I was dissapoited by one of the banks which approved to consolidate all my debt but only to find that one was not paid and the loan they issued was to pay for my children’s registration school funds
    instant of consolidating the other loan they reduced my instalment but not successful cause I still have to repay the remaining loan and their loan ;car instalment and school fees every months

  68. mpho maemela Reply

    hi im in trouble i need a loan to pay my debt even if isconsolidation loan please.

  69. Itumeleng Reply

    Can you please help me with loan up to R15000 to settle my accounts and pay my child school fees

  70. Babalwa Reply

    I need a debt consolidation loan so that I can pay one loan

  71. Vanitha Pather Reply

    I need one loan amount I earn a net of R17000 a month

  72. Thabang mofokeng Reply

    I have debts that I want to settle so I can start fresh,plz help,I need R50000

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