Debt Consolidation with Nedbank

Nedbank offers debt consolidation loans, debt management plans and other financial planning tools. But specifically to get yourself a debt consolidation loan with Nedbank, whether you’re a client of theirs or not.

First debt consolidation loan you can get is by applying for their credit card in order to do a balance transfer. You can apply for credit card such as a green back card and transfer balances from other banks into the Nedbank credit card. Or more like pay off everything else and pay off this card at the current advertised rate of 3 to 36 months at an interest of 13.4%, but of course do read your terms and conditions.

Secondly try this method of Nedbank debt management: If you have property that you can put up as collateral, why not apply to re-mortgage your home. This way the extra money that you get you can put into your home. Although this is a risky move, as you will essentially be pushing your debt into another debt vehicle, you can pay this off quicker and with lower interest rates. If you increase the amount you pay per year you can pay this debt off safely without having to get into trouble with the credit regulators.

Tip: apply for debt consolidation with as many companies as you can and match their interest rates and terms.

Apply here for your debt consolidation loan!

11 thoughts on “Debt Consolidation with Nedbank

  1. vusumzi grootboom Reply

    I want help from my bank Nedbank to consolidate my debts please help me Nedbak I know I’ve bad credit but now I can afford to pay you back I just want to have one debt with you please help

  2. Linda Reply

    I need to consolidate my dedt n switch my salary to nedback plz help me

  3. Sonwabile Edward Malangeni Reply

    i want debit consoladation.i know i have bad credit but i will pay you back please help

  4. Maria Mabe Reply

    I want help from Nedbank to consolidate my debts please help !!!

  5. JOHANNA Reply

    I want to consolidate all my debt because the payments are killing me.

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