Getting a Sanlam Debt Consolidation Loan

This website talks at length about how a debt consolidation loan works, and Sanlam, like other financial services providers, is able to offer you a debt consolidation loan. Sanlam debt consolidation loans work through your home loan.

So how are you able to get a consolidation loan from Sanlam? Through re-financing your home. If you own your own home you will be able to re-finance your bond and use that extra cash to pay off big ticket items such as high interest especially at the current 2013 interest rates. This can also include the furniture you bought on hire purchase, you can pay them off and reduce your payment on them.

Are you able to be financially disciplined enough to take on a debt consolidation loan? Because that is the advice Sanlam debt consolidation loans demand, or any other consolidation loan for that matter. But unlike other companies that offer debt consolidation, Sanlam really thinks you should give it more thought. This is because a debt consolidation loan is a great tool if you use it properly. Now, I’m certain you have said to yourself that you will surely take better care of your financials and not come close to ruin again, but discipline is more than just making a promise to yourself and it is about actually changing the way you deal with money.

As always, it’s good advice that you apply with more than one lender so as to compare rates. You can be successful with one debt consolidation loan but fail with the other, so read up on how you can qualify.

46 thoughts on “Getting a Sanlam Debt Consolidation Loan

    • Maureen noko chipana Reply

      I need to consolidate my debt my cnt number 0697390278 u can call me

  1. constance Reply

    I would like to apply for debt consolidation,would you kindly contact me as to which documents are needed for application.My contact number is


  2. Mandy Reply

    Hi I’m interested in a debt consolidation loan as my salary is going for all this loans all the companies say affordability I think my affordability will get better if I pay one installment. Thanking you

  3. Modupi Reply

    I would like to apply for sanlam debt consolidation loan.My cell number is 0734130042.

  4. A van Staden Reply

    Have a personal loan by sanlam but would like to apply for consolidation loan and make one payment. Mobile nr 0731121758

  5. Mavis Guguloethu Khanyile Reply

    Please help me to consolidate my account I did try to be under debit reviews but I cancelled because they were dilaying to pay the Companies that whay I did the cancellation now I am paying my self the salary has gone up from R14800 to R18700

  6. Ntekeng Reply

    Khotsong I am asking if you can help me to pay my debt

  7. Desmonlin Mokonenyaane Reply

    my bank has me bad with two loans. Consolidate them for me please. 0722644890

  8. Julius magolego Reply

    all my credit accounts makes R66 000 and I pay R6500 to R7000 per month. I need consolidation so that I can pay one reduced installment.

  9. Mzamo Ntlanjeni Reply

    Employed permanently for more than 15 years.Provident fund R 1 million plus.I need a consolidation loan to settle my other debt and have one repayment with you.Can you please help and send me application forms if yes.Thank you


    I wish to consolidated my loans. I need this sothat I’ll pay one reduce instalment.

  11. Noncedo Reply

    Please help me I need loan I am currently under debt review but I am not happy because I don’t see any changes on my accounts, intended they are double the money.

  12. Maralice Jack Reply

    I need help to consoludate my debt so that i can have peace of mind was on debt review but not anymore. Please please jelp me. Contact me on 0713022247/0234148225/6.

  13. Prince Zulu Reply

    I’m Prince Zulu, looking for a consolidation loan, so to leave my life peacefully

  14. Sharon Reply

    Good day
    Please be so kind to contact me. Need info on your consolation of debt

  15. Sharon Reply

    Good day
    Please be so kind to contact me. Need info on your consolation of debt. Contact. 0828982183

  16. Puleng Mosia Reply

    I m Puleng Mosia, I’m looking for a consolidation loan. Im stress I cannot sleep at night .After deduction I left with nothing.
    My contact number 0748978534
    Im permanent at work Gauteng dept. of Education

  17. Dawid Reply

    I don’t own a home,im renting.does that mean that I don’t qualify for a your product

  18. Nichouse moyi Reply

    Hi, I’m looking for consolidation loan
    My number is 0735898883

  19. fikelephi zondo Reply

    Hi I would like to apply for Sanlam consolidation debt consolidation loan,my number is 0640133729& 0609216624

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