Debt Consolidation with Nedbank

Nedbank offers debt consolidation loans, debt management plans and other financial planning tools. But specifically to get yourself a debt consolidation loan with Nedbank, whether you’re a client of theirs or not.

First debt consolidation loan you can get is by applying for their credit card in order to do a balance transfer. You can apply for credit card such as a green back card and transfer balances from other banks into the Nedbank credit card. Or more like pay off everything else and pay off this card at the current advertised rate of 3 to 36 months at an interest of 13.4%, but of course do read your terms and conditions.

Secondly try this method of Nedbank debt management: If you have property that you can put up as collateral, why not apply to re-mortgage your home. This way the extra money that you get you can put into your home. Although this is a risky move, as you will essentially be pushing your debt into another debt vehicle, you can pay this off quicker and with lower interest rates. If you increase the amount you pay per year you can pay this debt off safely without having to get into trouble with the credit regulators.

Tip: apply for debt consolidation with as many companies as you can and match their interest rates and terms.

Apply here for your debt consolidation loan!

Getting a Sanlam Debt Consolidation Loan

This website talks at length about how a debt consolidation loan works, and Sanlam, like other financial services providers, is able to offer you a debt consolidation loan. Sanlam debt consolidation loans work through your home loan.

So how are you able to get a consolidation loan from Sanlam? Through re-financing your home. If you own your own home you will be able to re-finance your bond and use that extra cash to pay off big ticket items such as high interest especially at the current 2013 interest rates. This can also include the furniture you bought on hire purchase, you can pay them off and reduce your payment on them.

Are you able to be financially disciplined enough to take on a debt consolidation loan? Because that is the advice Sanlam debt consolidation loans demand, or any other consolidation loan for that matter. But unlike other companies that offer debt consolidation, Sanlam really thinks you should give it more thought. This is because a debt consolidation loan is a great tool if you use it properly. Now, I’m certain you have said to yourself that you will surely take better care of your financials and not come close to ruin again, but discipline is more than just making a promise to yourself and it is about actually changing the way you deal with money.

As always, it’s good advice that you apply with more than one lender so as to compare rates. You can be successful with one debt consolidation loan but fail with the other, so read up on how you can qualify.

Blacklisted Vehicle Finance on Gumtree

Looking for blacklisted car finance on Gumtree is looking for trouble because most of those deals are too good to be true. Especially for people who advertise that they offer “No Deposit Vehicle Finance For Blacklisted in South Africa” and say that you will pay starting from R 2000 pm. They will request that you furnish them with your full names, salary slip, physical address, your ID and other information. And be most weary of those who request this information via sms or cellphone as you can’t trace them at all.

By Far, websites and landlines are the safest ways of sending information as those are easily traceable and identifiable. If you would like to find out more about the right way of getting blacklisted car finance please read here.

Debt Consolidation Port Elizabeth

Struggling to find debt consolidation loans in Port Elizabeth? The Friendly city not so friendly towards your dream of consolidating your debt? Apply here online for debt consolidation and get help with your debt from anywhere in the country. How will debt consolidation help you? Debt consolidation will help you pay those high interest debts by getting you one loan with much lower and longer term loan.

So, even if you are in P.E. you can get help lowering payments on:


Debt consolidation loans can also help you get lower your risk on getting a bad credit record by paying off that loan you struggling to pay and already are late on.

You can get a secured debt consolidation loan or an unsecured debt consolidation loan, depending which one you are able to afford. Remember that you will have a debt consolidation loan is an actual loan so you will still have to be credit worthy to be approved for a debt consolidation loan.
If you do not qualify or are just too far with your debt, you can apply for debt help here, where you can apply for debt review and debt counselling.

How to qualify for Vehicle Finance for Blacklisted People

Blacklisted but need a car? Join the queue! You are not the only person who is in need of a car but are blacklisted. The reason why you don’t get vehicle finance when you’re blacklisted is because you don’t qualify for a loan, just like if you were to borrow money for personal use, vehicle finance is the same as making a loan.

Vehicle finance for blacklisted people works in a different way though, you actually don’t get a loan yourself, you get loaned the car while a company makes a loan on your behalf. They can make a loan on a brand new vehicle, depending on your individual profile looks like, or they can get a second hand vehicle finance. By them loaning you they’re car, we mean that exactly, it’s not your vehicle until you make all the payments are made. So if you want to own the vehicle you will have to apply with as many companies as possible to get a deal that says that you will be able to own the vehicle.

So, do you really qualify for vehicle finance? You don’t. You are just able to get a company to ‘rent’ you one of their vehicles.

Do you still want to go ahead? Here are typical requirements for qualifying to rent-to-own a vehicle.

A rather big deposit. Think 20-25%. If you take the no deposit route just know you will have to pay a lot more over the rental agreement.

A permanent job with a good salary, and the salary has to be deposited into a bank account. You have to produce bank statements that show that your salary has been deposited into it for the previous three months or more.

You should a valid driver’s license.

Be able to currently afford it the loan vehicle.

Get car finance for blacklisted people

Despite what you might have initially thought, you are actually able to get finance for a car although you have been blacklisted or have a bad credit record. Many companies are able to get you driving brand new cars like a Volkswagen Polo Vivo or Toyota Yaris even if you are blacklisted (have a bad credit record). We would advise that you not actually get car finance and are blacklisted if you are not able to afford it. This would defeat the purpose of you getting a car. You have to be able to pay the car off.

So how does car finance for blacklisted people work?

Well, you know that you are able to rent a car, now what you able to do is rent a vehicle on a purely rent to buy or rent and buy later deal.

How much will you pay for vehicles on blacklisted finance?

You can get a Polo Vivo for less than R4 000, or how about a Mercedes for less than R8 500 a month? Well, most of these require a big deposit. Think 20% of the value of the vehicle. All these options vary, of course, based on what you qulify for and how your bad credit looks like. You are able to drive a good car if you are able to pay it off, and pay off your debt as well. Interest rates will be higher that with a traditional car finance as you are still a risk to them, and expect to pay between 14% and up to 20%, depending on who you get. Do apply to as many as you can so you can compare companies that provide car finance for bad credit.

There are other rules that apply to who will qualify for car finance. And per usual they include: you may not be on judgement or be a sequestrated individual, you must be fully employed for more than 3 months, you must have a bank account with your salary being deposited into that account, you must be a citizen of South Africa and have an ID. But these are standard requirements that you must fulfill. Please also make sure that when they do an affordability assessment that you are actually able to afford a vehicle at these interest rates. Whether you can get car insurance for this is another story.

Capitec Bank personal loans

Get up to R 230,000 personal credit with Capitec Bank. Capitec Bank offers its customers who are on its Global One product to apply for a personal loan of up to R 230,000 and pay it off in 84 months. You can get a loan within 20 minutes of application. The bank will also contact you to tell you whether you have been approved or declined for the personal loan.

What do you get with this?

  • The money will be available in your transaction/savings account immediately after approval
  • Fixed monthly repayments
  • You are able to consolidate all your existing loans for easier using this loan
  • You also get Free retrenchment and death cover from Capitec Bank

When applying for a Capitec Bank personal loans please remember:

  • Your South African ID book
  • An original proof of residence such as your municipality bill
  • Your latest salary slip or salary advice
  • A 3-month bank statement

Capitec bank also prides itself on being transparent and they publish how much you will pay for their loans. Here is a list of examples of loan repayments:

To Apply for a personal loan click here

RCS Personal Loans

RCS is an accredited Financial Services Provider, and is affiliated with the Foschini group and Standard Bank. Get a personal loan of up to R 100 000 within 24 hours with RCS. All applications can be made online through their website, and if you qualify provisionally for their loan then they will contact you and finish the process of getting you a loan. Their terms and conditions are quite easy to read and understand, explained in the most layman terms possible without trying to trick you with words you don’t understand. Read them carefully and understand them, though. You need to make sure you understand and are willing to abide by them.

As with all lenders, you will need to agree to the RCS personal loan interest rate charged. Have a look at how much they would like to charge you on the capital amount (loan amount) and compare that with other loan lenders. Apply with as many as possible and review the quotes you get before agreeing with any of them.

RCS personal loans contact details

RCS Group
Ground Floor Liberty Grande Building
Corner of Voortrekker Road and Vanguard Drive

PO Box 111, Goodwood, 7459

Tel: 021 597 4000
Fax 021 597 4727
Call Centre: 0861 729 727

Getting an Absa personal loan

Absa personal loans are available for their existing clients, or new clients, who wish to have a loan of between R 3 000 and R 150 000, depending on how much you qualify for and your credit assessment. This is a longer term loan than the short-term Absa Express Loan that you pay off in 6 months or less, the Absa personal loan is paid off in 12 to 84 months.

There are different options available when taking an Absa personal loan. If you take the fixed rate loan, you can pay over a period of 60 months, if you take a variable rate loan which is linked to prime you may qualify to pay over a period of 84 months. You may choose to pay additional sums towards settling your capital amount on the loan without getting penalized.

applying online for a personal loan

Existing Absa customers can easily apply for a loan by looking for the ‘apply’ link on their Absa online banking profile. The process is quite seamless and it’s possible to have your loan available in less than 10 minutes! You will have to be registered for online banking in order to apply online for an Absa personal loan. If you are not a current Absa customer then applying online will take a bit longer, but you may still apply online with Absa, although you will need to give them all your documentation in order for them to see if you qualify for a personal loan with them.

As with all types of loans, you need to apply for as many as possible and then compare which one is more competitive and gives you a better rate.

Absa Personal Loans contact centre

Personal Loans 0860 100 372
Personal Loans 0860 00 33 00
Personal Loans 0860 008 866

Absa express loan may be the short-term finance for you

The Absa Express Loan is a short-term loan from Absa that many of its clients are glad is available for them. Nothing really is available to rival this from other major banks. The Absa Express loan is short-term, so it means you will pay it over less than a year, and Absa has put together options of 1, 3 or 6 months to pay it off. You mat apply for a loan starting from R 1 500 to R 8 000.

There are a few conditions if you would like to qualify for this Absa loan: You must be a South African citizen, have your salary deposited into a bank account (this is because Absa will actually debit your account), you must earn more than R 1 500 per month, proof of residence (water bill, Etc).

As with all loans, check that you can afford this loan and will be able to pay it off in the stipulated time period. You must apply for more than one loan and then compare the amount you will be paying off per month. Choose one that you can pay off quicker (and as affordable) as possible. You want to pay less on your interest rate and as less an amount as possible. At times you will have to prove that you can afford a loan, and by doing so you will be safe from unscrupulous lenders who don’t care about you but are reckless in their lending.