Personal loans for blacklisted people

Blacklisted people often get turned away from major financial institutions that are weary of giving personal loans to people with a bad credit record. This has, of course, an effect on the personal lives of such people.

You can still get a personal loan if you are blacklisted or have a bad credit record. This is because smaller financial credit providers are more inclined to grant you a loan as they are less restricted and have more flexible policies. They are by law required to abide to the National Credit Act, 2005 (Act No. 34 of 2005) so don’t go into a financial credit provider’s office expecting them to break ethos and laws of the country.

Now, here are certain things you need to know in order to have the best chance to acquire that much needed personal loan.

  • You will certainly attract a higher interest rate because you are still considered a risk. The interest rate is one of the first things you will need to inquire on, so shop around for the best rate.
  • You have to have been permanently employed with your current employer for a period of more than 2/3 months, receive a salary into a bank account and have a salary slip.
  • Be a South African citizen.

A lot of these institutions will most likely turn you away if you are:

  • Self employed
  • A commission earner only
  • Under administration or debt review
  • Weekly or fortnightly paid
  • A Pensioner

How much can you acquire? Well, it really depends on the lender and you. Some lenders will go as far as R 200, 000 or as low as R 1000, but will depend on how comfortable you are with the interest rate they will charge you. They also will look at your own debt record. The most important thing is to make sure you can pay back these monies.

Be at the ready with documentation such as the last 3 months bank statement, South African ID, payslip and proof of residence. There are still institutions willing to grant loans for blacklisted people and your search should not end with the banks.

27 thoughts on “Personal loans for blacklisted people

  1. Clodia Francis Swanepoel Reply

    Im sorry I won’t get the loan because im under admin thx.

  2. Jan Slabbert Reply

    I am self-employed and blacklisted and need a personal loan of R 5000 – R10000

  3. Clinton saaiman Reply

    Hi I am in desperate need of a loan, I am a commission only earner and therefore do not have a payslip I have been employed with this company for 2 years, I do have a bank account where my money is transferred into, please can you help me I am desperate, I have a family I need to support a daughter of 7 years and a son of 2 years.

  4. Tekano Wageng Reply

    Hi, I need a loan but I am battling due to being self employed and previous bad payment record however my business receives recurring fund every month and exceeded R120 000.00 for the past 2 months and can produce bank statements however I have no accountant or auditors.

  5. Franci Reply

    Hi i am self employed and need a loan URGENT. i want to pay all my debt and clear my name. Please help

  6. Andries Reply

    I’m selfemployed and blacklisted I do have a business bank account but struggle to get a loan I nead a loan of R60 000 can you help me

  7. Reno Reply

    I am self employed and also receive rental income from my properties, can you please help to get a personal loan.

    • admin Post authorReply

      It is much harder to get a personal loan if you’re self employed, But please do apply so that we can have a look at your finances.

  8. Brooke Reply


    I would like to take out a loan I’m a commission only earner I have payslips and bank statements

  9. Tebogo Maebela Reply

    I’m under debt review and my husband is clean and can afford a loan please advice

  10. Tebogo Maebela Reply


    My husband has low credit score and I am under debt review can you help us we are looking to buy a stand and build a house and pay off our debts if we can have a loan for R100000

  11. Brenda Reply

    I earn in excess of R 25 000 – R 35 000 pm and need a loan urgently

    I am a commission earner and can provide 6 month bank statements but gets declined due to my salary structure. I can afford to pay the loan back in a very short period of time

    Anyone that can assist me as I feel like I am hitting a brick wall

  12. godfrey malema Reply

    Goo day i need your help on the account that i need to settle which is African bank,old mutual,home choose,caff in the total amount is R21.287 so need R30.000 to pay my account aim a regular customer for nedbank

  13. Refilwe Moloi Reply

    Need a help from you by paying all the depts iam having in order fr me to reduce the amount that am taking out every month

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