RCS Personal Loans

RCS is an accredited Financial Services Provider, and is affiliated with the Foschini group and Standard Bank. Get a personal loan of up to R 100 000 within 24 hours with RCS. All applications can be made online through their website, and if you qualify provisionally for their loan then they will contact you and finish the process of getting you a loan. Their terms and conditions are quite easy to read and understand, explained in the most layman terms possible without trying to trick you with words you don’t understand. Read them carefully and understand them, though. You need to make sure you understand and are willing to abide by them.

As with all lenders, you will need to agree to the RCS personal loan interest rate charged. Have a look at how much they would like to charge you on the capital amount (loan amount) and compare that with other loan lenders. Apply with as many as possible and review the quotes you get before agreeing with any of them.

RCS personal loans contact details

RCS Group
Ground Floor Liberty Grande Building
Corner of Voortrekker Road and Vanguard Drive

PO Box 111, Goodwood, 7459

Tel: 021 597 4000
Fax 021 597 4727
Call Centre: 0861 729 727

19 thoughts on “RCS Personal Loans

  1. Sonet Reply

    I need a Loan urgently and RCS keeps on sending me an email to tell me I can apply for a loan paperless etc. ,
    But if I try I cannt get through.I am blacklisted but this was during my previous marrige and he was suppose to pay
    It,although I’m blacklisted I had 2 different places Who gave me a change
    To prove that I can and am a good payer,the one place is Elite mobile I have a
    Contract now by them for 7months and a phone contract
    With mobile direct for 3months so I CAN show that I Am credit worthy
    And do pay my accounts!!
    Please I really really need a loan urgently 2 reasons, one to fix
    My car and 2nd need money for my sons matricfarewell and
    His application to VLU for admission for 2015 Please contact me
    Thank you

  2. Dorothy Mokgethi Reply

    I’m blacklisted and I need loan for my child school fees and to settle my accounts.

  3. Dorothy Mokgethi Reply

    I’m blacklisted and I need loan for my child school fees and to settle my accounts.

  4. Patience Ncediswa Reply

    am blacklisted and I need a loan please if you can help just want to have 1 debt to pay

  5. veronica jones Reply

    Ive been handed over to the lawyers,so i want help to pay that loan.ive been trying to apply for a personal loan with rcs but im not getting throu.my number is 0710925246

  6. Mapula Reply

    I need to apply the loan to settle my account they put my name on the lawyers .please call me on this number 0711195290 Mapula Tshabangu

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