Unsecured debt consolidation loan for blacklisted people

Apply for an unsecured debt consolidation loan and brace yourself for higher interest rates. What is the difference between this type and other loans used for debt consolidation? This is an unsecured loan, which means that you as the borrower would not place any collateral with the lender. Would you later to default with the lender they would claim from your claimed assets.

This sort of loan attracts higher interest rates because this is a greater risk for lenders. This is because an unsecured loan means you as a borrower are not fronting any collateral for the loan, which naturally makes you an even higher liability, and attracts an even higher interest loan than had you taken a secured loan.

Now, if you are blacklisted and don’t have collateral like a property, this might be the perfect loan for you to take up. Of course you will have to check the pros and cons of taking such a high interest loan over a long period to clear your debts. The higher the loan amount the longer you will have to pay the loan back.

You will need the usual documentation such as South African I.D., 3 months pay slip and bank statements.

To increase your chances, most credit providers are more likely to loan you if are not under debt review, earn a monthly or fortnight wage, not be a commission earner, have a bank account that your salary is deposited into, prove your money expenses so as to show affordability.

Unsecured debt consolidation loan for blacklisted people is a solution for most people, but not everyone.
To apply please go to our loan consolidation page.

6 thoughts on “Unsecured debt consolidation loan for blacklisted people

  1. Maureen Reply

    I am currently in heavy debts that are over my salary I need help to consilidate all my debts

  2. Vuyelwa Sintwa Reply

    My name is Vuyelwa in East London, direct me if you got offices around, I have made some bad choices with money, and I would like to get my life back on track. I need a long-term loan for R550 000 to settle all my debt. If you can help me out, it would be great. I can afford a re-payment of R5500 per month. I’ve been rejected every where and I got ITC, please can you help me.

  3. Meshack Reply

    Hi I would like to close all my account they estimated to R110.000 I got delayed due to funerals n family members in n out of hospital please help

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